Pau Pilau Wetsuit Cleaner and Conditioner

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  • Never Put On A Stinky Wetsuit Again!

    Pau Pilau offers an affordable, easy-to-use, and all-natural concentrate that aims to invade neoprene pores and rid all of the foul-smelling organic matter that naturally builds up. This includes mold, algae, and other pungent residues. 

    Think of our shampoo as decomposition and recycling in nature because when you clean a wetsuit with Pau Pilau, the byproduct is water and carbon dioxide. The ingredients in the bottle look for organic matter as their food source and leave your wetsuit clean and smelling fresh.

    • An economical, easy-to-use concentrate that will penetrate the neoprene pores and digest all foul-smelling organic matter such as mold, algae, and other pungent residues. We are a strong but safe neoprene cleaner & top-quality wetsuit shampoo.
    • A natural wetsuit cleaner and shampoo is a bacterial formulation found in nature that rids neoprene of harmful organic waste. If you are looking for a cleaner wetsuit, Pau Pilau can get the job done safely.
    • Dormant (in the bottle) once activated in water immediately seeks out organic waste as its food and energy source. When you shampoo and clean a wetsuit with Pau Pilau the byproduct is water and carbon dioxide, just as in decomposition and recycling in nature.
    • Wetsuit cleaner that was discovered by an experienced surfer while working for Drainbo Natural cleaning products. Looking for a truly effective way to clean a wetsuit and deodorize it he was able to use existing technology and fine-tune it to provide a good wetsuit shampoo product with amazing effects.

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