How it works

The best way to find your perfect board



Make sure you know your height and weight. The length and volume of your board will be affected by this.



Let us know your experience level. Have you surfed before? What size board have you used?



Determine where you'll be surfing. Not all waves are created equal!

The Types of Boards We Offer

Kies Custom Shapes

Our Encinitas Surfboards line has been made by john kies, co-owner and master shaper since we opened our doors in 1975
All of our board shapes are available in custom dimensions.


Hand-shaping surfboards since 1969

Specializing in long board designs

shapes primarily for north county surf conditions

can recreate any shape from your "magic" board

Frequently asked questions

You've got questions, we've got answers.

Why can't I purchase a board online?

There are many variables in purchasing a board.  for example, are you buying off the rack or ordering a custom board?  Where will you be surfing?  The size and shape of the board will be dependent on not only the type of wave you are surfing, but also on your personal ability.  Boxing and shipping costs also vary greatly depending on board size and destination.

How can I purchase a board?

Browse our selection online, then give us a call at (760) 753-0506 or email at 
We will help make sure you've selected the right size and shape board and process your order through our physical location.  if you're local, please stop in and see us!

How do I know what size board to buy?

Your height, weight, and the area you will be surfing all factor in to choosing your board.  Since not all boards are created equal, we pride ourselves in helping our customers select the right board for their specific needs.
You can browse our shapes online and give us a call at the shop at (760) 753-0506 and one of the staff will help get you on the board of your dreams.

Can I get a board shipped?

BOXING AND SHIPPING COSTS VARY GREATLY DEPENDING ON BOARD SIZE AND DESTINATION.  we generally do not ship boards due to this, but may be able to accomodate on a case by case basis.