HangPro Slide Hanger

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  • Prolong the life of your wetsuit with a HangPro Slide Wetsuit Hanger. Aside from rinsing your wetsuit and keeping it out of the sun, you'll also want to hang it correctly and you do this by hanging it at the waist point rather than a traditional hang from the shoulders. You'll appreciate the longevity of your paddle point seams because they'll stay snugger around the shoulders and the neck thus preventing flushing. A wetsuit hanger is surely meant to be in every surfer's arsenal of accessories!

    • Hanger slides into position at the waist
    • Wetsuit drapes over the special circular I-beam bar design
    • Designed to eliminate shoulder wear
    • Significantly reduce overall fabric stress
    • Best choice for long term storage
    • Made from high strength ABS recycled plastic
    • Made in San Diego, CA, USA
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