Dual Cure Polyester Laminating Resin



  • NEW! Low-VOC Clear "dual-cure" Polyester Resin Cures by either UV-light or by the addition of MEKP catalyst, or both. Clear, UV-stable, and can cure a bone-dry surface if you allow it. But here is also what you can do:

    • You can remove it from UV light, go have a lunch, a phone call, a surf and then come back to resume where you left off. The resin cures when you command it.

    • You can cure to B-Stage (when the resin gets firm but not hard) and then remove it from UV lights so you can make clean razor trims on laps, fin boxes or leash plugs. Then, when you are ready, expose it again to UV light and finish curing.

    • You can cure to an advanced B-stage and use a surfer or coarse grit sandpaper to plow through thick areas of resin for fairing or shaping sculptures. Then when you're satisfied with your work, re-expose to UUV light

    • In fin or fin plug installations, you can add MEKP (to cure at depths) set the fins or plugs in a few seconds with a UV flashlight.or sunlight, and move on to your next project. You can flush sand the fin plugs in 3 minutes while the resin does below follows up MEKP curing.

    Using Solarez® offers exceptional advantages over conventional curing resins; comparable in cost, faster production, and safer for the environment!  Wahoo International (makers of Solarez) promoted UV-cure since 1986 and it was a tough nut to crack at the time - We were the first company to offer a UV-cure resin - and a lot of disbelief!  Now, most of the world's top surfboard manufacturers have come to realize that UV curing is the future of surfboard materials technology. Solarez® UV Resin offers not only better performance and quality but also massive increases in productivity and cost savings. NEW, low odor, (low VOC) polyester resin will certainly be welcomed by garage laminators (and the neighbors). This resin has much less smell than regular polyester. There is no compromise in any of the physical characteristics.

    • Laminating viscosity (450 cPs)
    • Excellent air release and fiber wet-out
    • Best UV weather ability in the surf industry
    • Clean, bright whites on foam.
    • Shape it in the a.m., Surf it in the afternoon!
    • 97% less VOCs than conventional resin
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