Flexcomb Wax Scraper

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  • Here it is...what surfers have been dreaming about for years; a wax comb that really works!

    How many times have you tried to take your wax off, especially on an older board, and the wax just comes off in little strips. Those tedious little pressure dings just stay full of wax until you run your wax comb, at weird angles, through them multiple times. With the Flexcomb, one swipe gets all the wax!

    • Environmentally friendly: All Flexcombs are made from Recycled Plastic.
    • The Flexcomb is designed to scrape off wax with one swipe, due to its flexibility.
    • The scraping edge will contort or twist to the contour of the surfboard; thus, being able to “flex” into pressure dings.
    • The flexibility also keeps the user from applying too much pressure and damaging the board.
    • The Flexcomb has a serrated edge to re-texture the wax, so that it does not become slick or slippery.
    • The Flexcomb incorporates finger depressions for grip, comfort, and increased scraping ability.
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