Hydro Fins Original Swim Fin

  • Based on the very first hydro fin design with adaptations to suit todays demands.  The Original fin continues to provide a high performance fin at an affordable price.


    The Original Fin introduced the revolutionary V-Rail which increased surface area and in-turn maximised the trust of each kick by the user. This allowed for a smaller and more maneuverable fin blade thus increasing the user agility in the water.

    The fins symmetrical design eradicates leg twist motion allowing longer surfs and less strain/injury to the user.

    Combine all this with its' comfortable foot pocket and it's no wonder watermen all over the world have been choosing to use the Original Fin for decades.

    Now, we introduce the Series 2 Original Fin: A modernized version of the Original Fin with contemporary styling and even greater performance.

  • Features:
    • Rounded Blade
      • Rounded blade for ultimate maneuverability. Allows unhindered drop-knee ability and quicker angle change. Also eradicates ankle/leg twist and injuries.
    • V-Rails
      • Increases surface area and trust on both top and bottom of fin. This allows extra thrust on downwards and upwards kicks.
    • CRS
      • Centre support ridge combines with V-rails to provide a powerful, parallel thrust that eradicates leg/ankle twist experienced on asymmetric fins.
    • XP Extra Comfort Foot Pocket
      • Designed with ultimate comfort in mind. Hydro has studied the foot & its' movement and used CAD to design the most comfortable, high performing foot pocket possible.

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