Open Call: Show Us Your Enci Style!

Posted on March 06, 2019 by Merit Brown | 0 comments

We're doing a thing...

So it's been a while since we started up our online shop, and we've been having good luck considering it's a digital store and we're kind of known for being "friendly" and "helpful".  After all, there's only so much we can do from afar.

In the interest of bridging the gap between the web and our shop, we wanted to start up a newsletter.  We'll be sending out important updates, let you know if a favorite product is low on stock, back in stock, or being discontinued.  You can also expect the latest in news from the surf world as well as our local community.

But we also want this to be more of a conversation.  So to that end...

Open Call

We want YOU to share with us!  We want to see pictures of your Enci Style.  What do we think Enci Style is?

  • Pictures from around the town
  • Your candids in our clothes
  • Encinitas Stickers in exotic places (which for us includes snowy locales)
  • Artwork (canvas, on surfboards, etc)

In short, if you're proud of a picture you took, share it with the Enci World!  We'd love to give you a shout out in our next newsletter.  

If you're interested in submitting content, send us an email:

ATTN: Merit

While we won't be able to feature everyone immediately, we're stoked to get started on this project!

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Posted on July 03, 2015 by Merit Brown | 0 comments

We've updated our "About Us" page, including bios on our new (and returned) crew members!  Check it out here.
We're also giving our board section a much needed makeover on the site!  Work is ongoing in that area, so be sure to keep checking back with us.  The plan is to add our pricing info for the boards we stock, additional shapes we can order from our outside shapers, more info on the shapers themselves (Kies Custom Shapes, JS Industries, Yater, Roland, Boardworks), as well as something of a board buyers guide to help inform and guide you on your quest to find your next (or first) board!  Check out the progress here.
The shop will be open tomorrow, Saturday July 4th from 9am until 3pm.
Well, that's all for today folks!  Get out there and catch some waves!

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